This Virtual World: Singing to Yourself

One major change in our Temple lives is having online-only services for now. While many have used our live stream to pray with us virtually, those of you who are new to it can find comfort that we will still be with you for Shabbat. By viewing our prayer book online, you can follow along with us as we sing the familiar songs in prayer, read the words of our liturgy and share in the joy of Shabbat together.

Also, you can link to the Prayer Packet and its accompanying audio files for the highlighted prayers of the service. These files can help you learn the prayers and songs so that, when watching the service, you can sing and pray in the privacy of your own home.

This then begs the question: “What does it mean to pray and sing to myself?” Without the assistance of the congregational choir or the community of congregants, does that change the way you pray? Does it make it easier to pray? Does it make it more comfortable to sing out loud?

After you have watched services and prayed along with us from the sanctuary of your living room, how do you feel when the service is over? If your answer is that you had a good experience but still are unfamiliar with the prayers in song, then I have a solution for you. I will be teaching part 2 of the “Make Shabbat Music” class as a Zoom meeting that you watch on your computer (or device). Even if you missed part 1 of the class, I will be happy to review the prayers we covered and then continue with those we have yet to learn. Currently this class is scheduled for Sunday, April 26 at 10:30 am. We will keep you posted if anything changes. [NOTE: This information no longer applies as of May 1, 2020.]

Also, in March I started leading a Musical Meditation (Mondays) and Wee Sing on the Web (Fridays) with Facebook Live. [During April Cantor Kathy also had a Kids Song and another Wee Sing on the Web.] Check the online calendar for times and dates.

As we face uncertainty in our lives, may you know that the clergy at Temple Israel is always accessible to you and will continue to be with you — in person or in our virtual reality.