Prayer Packet

Cantor Kathy Fromson has created a Prayer Packet PDF file for you to download. This is an abridged version of our prayer book, Mishkan T’filah, and includes the prayers that are essential to our Shabbat evening liturgy to make them easily recognizable when you come to services and use the prayer books.

The prayers in the packet are scanned from the prayer book, so you can see the name of the prayer, the Hebrew, the transliteration, the translation and the page number in the prayer book. This is a helpful tool for studying if you are interested in becoming more familiar with our evening liturgy.

If you wish, you can also consult the online version of the Mishkan T’filah flip book.

In addition, music from the Shabbat Evening Music CD, made for Temple a few years ago, has been converted to individual files for you to listen to here. Having both the Prayer Packet melodies and the other Shabbat melodies online is an easy way to listen to or download the music to listen later. The available songs show the page numbers in the prayer book (and where relevant, the Prayer Packet page), so you can follow along while listening.

To listen to the music, use an audio player. To download the music, right-click a note and save (or download) the linked MP3 file. The page references for each item are pages in the Prayer Packet PDF file (PP) or the prayer brook, Mishkan T’filah, (MT).