Help Us Bail Out the Rabbi in Time for the High Holy Days!

The clergy, staff, board of directors, and HHD Task Force have been working hard at making the Holy Days meaningful. They have been finding ways to safely connect with Temple members since the pandemic began and Rabbi Brown has been spearheading it all in addition to his normal duties. He has also helped guide Temple Leadership to put funds and other resources into areas and technology that make the biggest impact.

Temple Israel has been able to quickly make changes in our programming and services because of members and donors like you. Sadly we have not been able to host an in person fundraiser this year. Those wonderful events were not only a chance to spend time together but also provided an income stream.

Please consider making a donation to the unrestricted income fund before the start of the New Year. Your donation will help Temple Israel continue to acquire the tools and knowledge to connect to each other, the sacred, and the world. Click to donate to the current fundraiser.

L’Shana Tova!